Chicken, beans, and rice in the Instant Pot

Several months ago, a friend of mine gave me one of his extra Instant Pots. He’s a big fan of the Instant Pot and had bought more than he needed.

At first, I didn’t use the Instant Pot at all, since I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. After a while, I started using it to make short work out of cooking rice.

More recently, I’ve started using the Instant Pot to cook things I used to make in a slow cooker, like meats and rice. For meats, it turns a whole-day affair into an hour of work. For beans, it cuts the cooking time in half.

This weekend, I made chicken thighs and legs, black beans, and jasmine rice in an afternoon. Everything turned out perfect. It was probably the best black beans I’d ever made, and the chicken came out with a bit of crunch I wasn’t expecting. Mrs. Jake and I have enough food for several days.

Black beans, jasmine rice, chicken thighs and legs.

Black beans, jasmine rice, chicken thighs and legs.